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Dec-10, 2018

Here are some applications we are recently working on.

- Canal, lake water cleaning

- Paint booth flotation

- Produced oil flotation

- Hydroponics, Aquaponic

July-27, 2017

The price of BT series nozzles has been lowered and they are more affordable now.

June-29, 2017

​YJ nozzle Spec and installation file has been updated.

May-23, 2017

​We have had a problem with "Contac us" form during last 10 days.

Please resubmit your inquiry if you have not got our reply.

​We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

​The "Contact us" form is now working fine.

May-16, 2017

​We are changing our e-mail address as follows.

Current email address


​New email address


The change over will happen next 6 months. During this period, you can use either address to reach us. We'll notify again for the complete change over date later.

May-10, 2017

​The model name of YJ-07 and YJ-09 will be changed to YJ-6.5 and YJ-11 respectively.

​No changes in mechanical dimensions and performance. It is to match actual inner orifice sizes to the model names.