Riverforest Corp. is moving to Japan

As of Nov-1st, 2022, we will be operating from Japan.

No changes in mail address.


Riverforest Corporation

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Aug-16, 2022

Riverforest Corp is moving to Japan.

As of Nov-1st, 2022, we will be operating from Japan.

No changes in mail address.

Fed-07, 2021

Please note that our email address has been changed to morikawa@riverforestcorp.com

Jan-30, 2021

As of Feb-1/2021, we will be no longer offering “All in one” series Micro-Bubble generators.
We appreciate your support on these products for so many years.
The products are still available and sold through Livingenergies & Co. in Japan.
Their website is https://www.livingenergies.biz/home-english/
They are the designer and manufacturer of these products.
Please contact Mr. Koji Takahashi at takahashikojiufb@gmail.com for details.​

Dec-03, 2019

Our partner in New Zealand, CIP Tech Ltd, has obtained the approval from New Zealand government’s Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) for milk VAT and plant cleaning technology using YJ-nozzle. The technology is a dairy hygiene tool, improving dairy shed sanitation and milk quality while saving farmers thousands in operating costs.

Please contact Mr. Roger Gough at ciptech@farmside.co.nz for the details.


May-26, 2019

The contents have been revised.

Dec-10, 2018

Here are some applications we are recently working on.

- Canal, lake water cleaning

- Paint booth flotation

- Produced oil flotation

- Hydroponics, Aquaponic

July-27, 2017

The price of BT series nozzles has been lowered and they are more affordable now.

June-29, 2017

​YJ nozzle Spec and installation file has been updated.

May-23, 2017

​We have had a problem with "Contac us" form during last 10 days.

Please resubmit your inquiry if you have not got our reply.

​We apologize for the inconvenience caused by this incident.

​The "Contact us" form is now working fine.

May-16, 2017

​We are changing our e-mail address as follows.

Current email address


​New email address


The change over will happen next 6 months. During this period, you can use either address to reach us. We'll notify again for the complete change over date later.

May-10, 2017

​The model name of YJ-07 and YJ-09 will be changed to YJ-6.5 and YJ-11 respectively.

​No changes in mechanical dimensions and performance. It is to match actual inner orifice sizes to the model names.