YJ Series Nozzles

​Our partner in New Zealand, CIP Tech Ltd, has obtained the approval from New Zealand government’s Ministry of Primary Industry (MPI) for milk VAT and plant cleaning technology using YJ-nozzle. The technology is a dairy hygiene tool, improving dairy shed sanitation and milk quality while saving farmers thousands in operating costs.
Please contact Mr. Roger Gough at ciptech@farmside.co.nz for the details.
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All in One Generators

BT Series Nozzles

As of Feb-1/2021, we will be no longer offering “All in one” series Micro-Bubble generators.
We appreciate your support on these products for so many years.
The products are still available and sold through Livingenergies & Co. in Japan.
Their website is https://www.livingenergies.biz/home-english/
They are the designer and manufacturer of these products.
Please contact Mr. Koji Takahashi at takahashikojiufb@gmail.com for details.​Type your paragraph here.

​Riverforest Corp. is moving to Japan As of Nov-1st, 2022, we will be operating from Japan. No changes in mail address.

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